Facebook Ads

With over 2.27 billion active users, Facebook is the largest and most powerful social media advertisement platform in the world. By the structure of the platform, it provides various filtering possibilities based on the data it collects from the users. Facebook targeting filters like interests, demographics, location, action, etc. help you reach the most relevant audience. Considering the social media usage rates and advertisement mediums of today, we can say that Facebook Ads can provide the most performance with low costs.

Facebook Ads Agency



Tell your Organization’s Story in a Strong Way


You can use visuals, videos, words or a combination of these. There is a Facebook Ads format suitable for the story of every organization.

Formats you can prefer in Facebook Ads:

  • Photographs
  • Carousel Ads
  • Canvas Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Slideshow Ads
  • Messenger
  • Collection 



Selecting and applying the most suitable ads format will provide you with a correct increase in both your brand recognition and your turnover potential. You can obtain professional support from a Facebook Ads Agency for the Facebook Ads formats and correct ads management to start the journey with correct steps.


Correct Targeting in Facebook Ads


There are many options in Facebook Ads targeting. The most basic strategy for good results is filtering categories like age, gender or area of interests. However, creating special filters for users to provide your organization the most profit is the best way to benefit from your campaigns.

You can add a list of your clients or client e-mail addresses to expedite the creation of a special audience.

Turning Facebook into an efficient re-targeting platform is a great way to strengthen your marketing strategy.

You can use your database added for your special audience to create a “similar” campaign that contains the users with profile features similar to the ones in your database. A “Similar” Campaign may have an important effect in creating new traffic with high turnover potential to your website.

Creating an ads idea suitable for Facebook Ads targets, choosing an industry-convenient target audience and writing an advertisement text based on the target audience are also crucial. There are also delicate points like the used visual and the content on this visual, if any. Not paying attention to these and other details may cause your Facebook Ads to be put on hold and your account to be suspended.


Frequent Controls, Correct Optimization


A wrongfully created target audience or filtering options can cause you to face unnecessary costs and adverse results. How correct can it be for a company selling women’s products advertised to men? That is why you should control and optimize your targets.

Optimizing Facebook Ads

In addition to determining the correct target audience, it is also important to adjust your campaigns for turnover. Generally speaking, it is the best to have different Ads and advertised contents. Sometimes, unexpected things can draw attention from your target audience; that is why it is important to keep testing different ads until you know what is working.

It is also important to make sure your landing page transforms clicks into turnover in the most efficient way. It is not enough to provide only traffic to your website from your campaigns. It is important to create a consistent experience to transform clients into turnover.

Facebook Ads Agency

Facebook Ads is not a “set and leave” platform. This is surely something we all have experienced. Facebook is a dynamic and constantly developing platform. If you wish to get maximum benefits from your Ads campaigns, you constantly need to improve and optimize your campaigns.

As Destex Digital, we momentarily follow-up with the Facebook campaigns of our clients and constantly optimize the Ads and targets to obtain the maximum yield with lowest costs.



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