Google Ads Process


Google Ads, are important for organizations to improve their levels and reach out to their potential customer audience. With the digital existence that dominates over the world, many improvements and conveniences were introduced. These pleased both the organizations and individuals with needs.


Retrospectively speaking, the first path to follow when products or services were needed was to carry out individual visits to those who offered them. Individuals used to meet their products or services needs by themselves. Being unable to research unknown areas and to benefit from better deals costed dearly on the individuals. Time has brought many innovations with it and the digital world opened its doors to us.


We have obtained many digital innovations since the internet was created. These innovations included the development of the search engines so that we could find the results we needed in a healthier way. Large search engines offering an endless world to us directed large masses to them. World renown search engines like Google, Yandex, Yahoo Search and Bing try their best to offer the digital world to us in the best way possible. As we all see, Google is almost the first word to come to mind when anyone mentions “information”. Most of us use Google to buy a product, make a research or review a service. By using Google for searching something from our computers to use the most valuable input that is time effectively, we also create an efficient process management.


Google, wanting to better this area used continuously by masses both for the public and organizations, keeps working on it and includes Google Ads (a.k.a. AdWords) to our daily lives.

Google Adwords Reklamları

What is “Google Ads”?


So, how does this Google Ads that significantly increases the growth rate of brands works?


Google Ads, has an operational algorithm to present the offered products or services to a target audience that might be interested in the said products or services.For example, if you are selling women’s sneakers, you can present your products on the first page for users searching with the keywords you select such as “women’s sneakers models”.


Being placed on the first page and on top ranks is significantly important.Even though Google can present millions of results for any words, as we all know, we only visit the first page due to user habits and limited time factor. Thus, showing your ads on the first page to your target audience is extremely important.


You make per click payments to Google for the keywords you set for your Google Ads. Keyword search volumes are created for your rivals in the same industry wanting to exist on the same keywords. This way, the budget you set is used for the per click price rate.


Why Google Ads?


If your goal is to make a name for your organization in potential audiences, to reach out to your target audience with your products or services in related searches and increase your sale rates, you will benefit greatly from Google Ads. By placing Google Ads, you can make a name for your organization, create a “good brand” sense by having your target audience find you directly, increase your sale rates, and work efficiently by making an on-point ads placement with keywords without unnecessarily spending your budget.


Today, by using the digital power, many small-sized organizations made a name for themselves and increased their brand recognitions.


Google Ads Models


There are different Google AdWords models to help you stand out among your rivals and get placed on the top ranks. These Google Ads models also let various industries to benefit from this service. As known, different industries address to different audiences and these audiences might have different perceptions we call “user habits”. 


Google Ads Agency

By making efficient differences in ads models, Google enables all industries to benefit and get efficient turnovers from Google Ads.


We can say that the general foundation of Google AdWords consists of keywords and negatives. You first need to determine keywords related to the products or services you offer from an AdWords panel you need to create as first step. You can use keyword planner (service offered by Google) while determining your keywords and reach the search volumes of the most searched words of your sector. After adding this plan to your panel, you need to create advertisement texts to present to your target audience. Google suggests that you express your campaigns, promotions and prices in your ad texts.


You must get support from a Google Ads Agency on which Google Ads model to use. One of the key factors in Google Ads is to have a professional account management to reach the highest performance with lowest costs.




What is the Secret to Succeed in Google Ads?


The road to success in Google Ads goes through a professional account management. It is needed to regularly control your AdWords panel, to carry out high-quality operations in account management, to analyze ads turnovers and carry out works based on these analyses. Otherwise, your budget will be spent unnecessarily and you won’t be able to succeed as you have planned.


If you want to stand out among your rivals via Google Ads, avoid economic losses by using the right budget, have your ads shown only to the relevant target audience and have your ads created only to attract attention from your potential audience, we are happy to help you out.


We, as Destex Digital, apply our know-how and experience of over 8 years to all the campaigns we generate, this way we can provide all our brands with the solutions they need with the lowest possible costs and help them maximize the efficiency they get off of their websites.


As Destex Digital Premier Partner Agency, we help you as a solution partner in account set-up, keyword setting, detection of negatives, account optimization, search engine optimization and performance measurements with out certified Google AdWords account experts. If you wish to get professional support to have your website in the top ranks as a Google-friendly website with affordable costs, we are here to help you as Destex Digital.



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