How To Place Instagram Ads?


Instagram has over 37 million users in Turkey and counting each day with constantly added new features. This creates a great opportunity for organizations to use Instagram platform and Instagram Ads.


Instagram Ads creates versatile campaigns for users while providing an opportunity to improve brand recognition and turnovers on the website. Instagram Ads are completely integrated with Facebook Ads; this way, Instagram Ads can benefit from Facebook’s superior campaign customization options and various formations as well as various targeting features integrated with Instagram’s intense interest. 

Instagram Ads Models

In order to place an Instagram Ad, you first need to convert your Instagram account from a personal account to a professional account. A professional account enables you to access the administrative targets you have as well as your rivals’ and other enterprises and brands. A professional account helps grow your brand and improve your customer relations.



instagram reklamları görsel öne çıkarma


Brand Recognition


Brand Recognition as an advertisement goal help your ads reach out to people who may interact with your ads more and increase your brand’s recognition.

instagram reklamları video öne çıkarma




Access as an advertisement goal provides you with an opportunity to create an impact on a large-scaled target audience by showing your ad to the largest possible target audience your budget allows.

instagram reklamları uygulama indirme




If your goal is to make people visit the important parts of your website, a well-placed and informatory advertisement can help you attract people to these sections.

instagram reklamları çoklu görsel öne çıkarma


Video Viewing


If your goal is to present your products, ideas and your company, you can use Instagram Video Ads to integrate the power of audiovisual factors with unmatched access and application interaction. 


Application Downloading:
You can use Application Downloading Ads with a strong call for action to increase your application’s downloading rate on App Store or Google Play.


Interaction includes the likes and comments your ad received.


Finding Potential Client:
If your goal is to get new customers, you can use Finding Potential Clients Ads as a goal to collect data with potential client forms. Potential Clients Ads form has an outlook consistent with the flow with prefilled information, so it makes it easier for the potential clients to fill out the rest. Clients can use this form to set an appointment or request more information on your products/services.


If your goal is to optimize your ad to make people buy a product on your website, you can use Website Turnover Ads as a goal with Facebook pixel.


Product Catalog Sales:
Product Catalogue Sales enables you to automatically advertise your products to visitors on your website or mobile application. You can show people products they are interested in to increase their chances of actually purchasing something.


Store Visits:
If you are an enterprise with more than one stores, you can use Store Visits as a goal to reach out to an audience in a specific location.


Instagram’s Establishment and Ads Process 


Instagram is a popular photo-sharing platform founded by Kevin Systrom and Mike Kreiger in 2010 and reached 100 million active users within one and a half years of its foundation. It was sold to Facebook for USD 1 billion in April 2012. The company sustained a great success via Facebook Ads and activated Instagram Ads in 30 more countries including Turkey, Mexico, India and South Korea in September 2015. Instagram Ads sustained a quick growth all around the world in a short period of time and draw a great deal of attention to itself in Turkey lately.

By adding “Book Now”, “Contact Us”, “Download”, “Learn Details”, “Shop Now”, “Register”, “Watch More”, “Apply Now”, etc. buttons to your Ads, you can enable your target audience to directly access your website our mobile app.

You can place an Instagram ad as photo-ads, video-ads, carousel ads (more than one visuals) and Instagram Stories ads. You can plan these ads models as square, vertical and horizontal.

Ads visuals are shown with a “Sponsored” expression on the upper right corner. Left side of the display has a direction button.


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