SEO (Search Engine Optimization)


Search Engine Optimization (commonly known as SEO) involves optimizing the content and structural design of your website. When done properly, SEO increases the visibility of your site on search engine result pages when searching for a specific keyword or phrase. The aim is to attract more qualified visitors to your website and provide an attractive return on investment.


Build your online presence with a reliable SEO agency. It can be difficult to track and maintain a campaign on Search Engine Optimization with the resources at hand before seeing the bigger picture. An SEO Agency provides a search marketing service for your organization that can understand high-end solutions and track your progress through deliverable projects.


When we examine the digital position of our age, we see that almost every brand exists on the web. Since these web addresses are the "digital identity" of businesses that are easily accessible, their position in the search results is very important. Today, many national and local companies prefer to receive SEO services in order to rank the natural audience in the fastest way that the potential audience can reach.


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First Step into SEO


We start our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) studies with the first step we call “Discovery Process”. During this period, an analysis work is started that is worth every aspect of your industry. It is one of the most critical processes to evaluate the situation in order to see the progress in SEO studies. We take the time to do research to assess where your business is currently located. When we understand the most critical aspects of your brand in this time frame, we turn our attention to your target demography. Our goal is to discover your consumers' online searches.


Competition Analysis


If we want to gain competitive advantage, the first step will be to define competition. It is necessary to identify strengths and weaknesses. Understanding competition is very important, so a continuous analysis is required. This way, you can not only learn the best moves your opponents do, but you can also observe their mistakes. Our team will observe the situation between your competitors with the Search engine optimization study, know your shortcomings and determine the plan of how to develop them by implementing them.

On-Page and Off-Page SEO


On-Page SEO is the process of optimizing individual web pages to rank higher and gain more relevant traffic. For keyword strategy and Local SEO, our SEO experts will report to you which pages of your website should be updated. With In-Page SEO , we help search engines understand the focus keywords of each page.


Once complete, we will reassess it every month and fix the problems found in the controls, so your optimization will always be up to date with Google's latest algorithm changes.


Off-Page SEO refers to optimization techniques that take place outside of your website and is part of SEO digital marketing strategy. In this process, our SEO agency will research the most suitable keywords for your services and produce seo compatible content with these keywords. This content will have links that drive traffic to your website. One of the best-known off-page SEO techniques is creating links through brand partnerships. In this process, we identify helpful websites that can improve your campaign.


There is no point in having a website if your customers can't find you!

icon Content Management

Along with
analyzes made in the sector, competition and on-site situation,
content suitable for word analysis is produced.

icon Analysis

Our process, which starts with website analysis, continues with important details such as
competition, industry and keyword status

icon PageSpeed

Optimizations are made for site opening speed, downtime and many important details.

icon Off Site SEO

When you put something in your foundation, you want to talk now. We; We organize the study and influence the rate of speech.

icon Google Update

We do not prefer shortcuts to reach the target. Our works are carried out according to current criteria and future update estimates.

icon Site Architecture

General control of your architecture with general control of the tree structure, working status of the URL and usage analysis of other hierarchical rules.

Get More Targeted Traffic and More Conversions With Technical Control!


Our SEO experts will analyze all technical aspects of your website to be compatible with major search engines. Controls are done through SEO tools and by manually navigating the website. The SEO Agency lists issues that need to be solved, such as duplicate content, crawl errors, and more.


As part of your Search Engine Optimization service, we check that your website is mobile compatible and accessible in all desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone formats. We clean up website loading speed by clearing JavaScript and CSS issues. In addition, as part of the SEO Service, we discover possible backlinks that may cause broken links that negatively affect your performance on search engines, and report them to remove them.


Customized and Transparent SEO Reporting


The SEO Agency implements its work to be least affected by fluctuations in the ranking. This ensures that our work is consistent with the latest updates created by Google.


Based on the keywords selected in the first strategy, we will create monitoring programs on all platforms. With the SEO Service, we will prepare easy reports that will show your growth, keyword ranking, Yandex.Metrica, Semrush and Google Analytics data over time. To get up-to-date information about the progress of the works, you can personally meet with the SEO team as needed and evaluate the report.


SEO is a management process that requires continuity


The SEO process is not a one-time study. Reaching and maintaining top positions in major search engines requires consistent use of innovative and rigorous strategies. If your SEO initiatives stop at some point, your competitors will eventually catch up with you. This is a constant race to reach the top and other businesses will fight to stay ahead of you. Even if you have exceeded them with your efforts ... Remember that even though it is always hard to reach the summit, it is even more difficult to stay there!

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We reduced the Asortie Furniture keyword position to 11.5 and created a search result item with 500 words.
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Lindström Türkiye vaka çalışmaları
Search results visibility 100% solid. First page success was achieved in 31 different keywords.

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Search results visibility 100% solid. Appearance was obtained in search results with 95 different keywords.
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