Placing Ads on YouTube with advanced targeting options will enable to you draw attention from your potential customer audience. Being among the top three search engines with highest search volume, YouTube is one of the most preferred advertisement models among many small, medium or large-sized companies to increase brand recognition or sell products/services. It enables you to track view numbers, click numbers and many more details and therefore also enables you to carry out an effective advertisement project. The most important feature making YouTube different than others is that it knows your potential audiences as users and knows their areas of interest. This way, you can reach out to your target audience and generate turnover. Having a video to attract attention of your target audience and a professionally designed advertisement plan can increase your brand recognition.


With the help of a YouTube Ads Agency;


You can pay for YouTube Ads only when someone interacts with your ad. You don’t pay anything if a user skips your ad before 30 seconds. This way, your budget will only be used when the right audience starts watching your ads. You can advertise your products to your potential audience via YouTube Ads without spending an unnecessary budget. YouTube Ads use targeting technologies based on age, gender, location, areas of interest and many more. This way, your ads will only be shown to those who actually might be interested in your products/services. You only need 45 seconds to place a YouTube Ad.




In-Search Results


When you use In-Search advertising method for YouTube Ads, your ads are shown on YouTube Search Results. Since you pay for these ads in per click basis, advertisers only pay when users choose to watch the video ads.


Trueview Indisplay


When you use Trueview Indisplay, your ads are placed beside the YouTube videos, as a display on YouTube Video Pages or on Google Display Ads Network. As in In-Search Results Ads Model, advertisers pay only if the users view the ad.


Trueview Stream


In this placement option, YouTube ads are shown in the beginning, middle or end of YouTube videos. Users can skip the ad after 5 second. Advertisers are only charged when the users watch 30 seconds of the ad or all of the ad if it is shorter than 30 seconds.


Text-in-Video Ads


Text-shaped ads on YouTube are known as overlay text ads. They are shown on the lower section of the video, as the video is playing.


For example;

If a user is watching too many videos on sports, YouTube can relate this user to sports as an area of interest with your cookie and start showing more YouTube ads on sports to this user. This way, you will be showing your sports-related products to exactly who you wish. This way, your ads are showed to genuinely interested people and your chances of selling your products will be much higher.