Gmail Ads are the ads shown to Gmail users in the right or upper section of their mailboxes. Gmail Ads are especially effective with low costs and sophisticated targeting options and they can be adjusted for mobile and Gmail application. Gmail Ads are priced on click-basis costs; you are only charged when users actually click your ads. Per click costs are lower when compared to other AdWords types. This way, you can increase the range of your ads based on your strategy with lower per click costs. Furthermore, you can find the chance to reach out to your target audience more clearly with its detailed targeting techniques. This way, you won’t be spending your budget unnecessarily.

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Gmail Ads Targeting Options

  • Keywords Targeting:

    When you target certain keywords, your ads are shown on the mailboxes of users who have received e-mails with these keywords. For example; let’s say you are a construction company and you selected “house for sale” as a keyword. Then, your ads will only be shown to Gmail users who have received an e-mail with “house for sale” expression in title or mail body.

  • Domain Targeting:

    You can reach out to the users who have received e-mails from the websites you have selected. For example, if you are a company in the banking sector, you can only target the users you have received e-mails from banks.

  • Subject Targeting:

    You can reach out to the relevant users by targeting the subjects related to your products or services. A company selling sports equipment can add sports-related subjects.

    • Demographics Targeting:

      This targeting method lets you select your target audience based on age, gender and parenthood.

  • Areas of Interest and Remarketing:

    You can show Gmail Ads to users who are interested in your products and services and who have previously visited your website. This way, you can help your company be remembered while making previous visitors keep your company in mind while deciding.